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Cambridge School of English - Teaching philosophy, Methodology, Enrolment for language courses and Certificates

Szkolenia językowe i kursy języka angielskiego dla firm i instytucji online lub z dojazdem

Teaching philosophy at Cambridge School of English

The main objective of Cambridge School of English is to make sure that our students are able to communicate effectively in any foreign language they study. Therefore it is speaking and getting the message across that is emphasized during each lesson.

Nevertheless, it must be highlighted that during each language course teachers make sure that all language skills, i.e. speaking, reading, listening and writing are simultaneously developed.

The classes are conducted entirely in the target language, regardless of whether they are taught by a native speaker, or a Polish teacher.

Each of our teachers have gone through a thorough recruitment process. As such our students can be confident that they are learning from people with both great knowledge and experience as well as an outstanding aptitude and passion for teaching.

Enrolment for language courses

Finding the best-suiting groups for our new students and making sure the course profile meets their expectations is one of our highest priorities. At Cambridge School of English we take the student’s linguistic needs and aims seriously.

As the first step, new clients are asked to complete a placement test either in person or online. Once the results of the tests have been analyzed, the client is invited for an oral placement with the Academic Manger or the Director of Studies, to verify their proficiency level. During such a meeting students’ range of vocabulary, fluency and grammatical accuracy is analyzed. We want to learn more about our clients’ motivation and linguistics aims, in which areas of private and professional life they use English and what they would like to focus on during the course. Only then are we able to suggest the most appropriate language training, tailored to individual needs.


In today’s world it is important to document our knowledge to show a potential employer or university authorities that we have mastered a given level of language proficiency. That is why after completing a course all Cambridge School of English students are presented with certificates.

Once a semester, teachers prepare reports with a description of improvement in speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills.

The aim of certificates and reports is to motivate our learners and make them aware of the progress they make thanks to our language courses.

Director of Studies and Academic Manager’s roles.

At Cambridge School of English we need to make sure that the highest teaching standards are met during the whole teaching process.

This process begins with careful selection of the best language teachers during job interviews. After that, the academic coordinators monitor teachers’ work. This is done by analyzing teachers’ monthly reports, observing their classes, and holding post-observation meetings. The head of studies monitors changes on the educational market, sends interesting articles as well as useful, ready-to-use exercises and organizes workshops that aim to stimulate teachers’ professional development.

Cambridge School of English Academic Coordinators hold a degree in English studies and have been active teachers and lecturers for many years. It is the experience and interest in teaching approaches, methods and techniques that enables them to lead a team of teachers and assist if a need arises.

The main objective is to enable our Polish teachers and English native speakers to develop their full capacities for teaching and make sure our clients are taught by the best specialists.

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