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Summer camps and summer jobs for language teachers

Summer holidays are approaching, the days are hotter and hotter, and more and more people are taking time off in order to relax. Summer is usually a less hectic time for English language teachers – but not in our language school! In addition to regular summer courses, conversation classes and in-company lessons we offer summer camps by the seaside or in Poland’s Masurian Lake District.

Summer camps

Is there a better way to combine relaxation with work than summer camps? During our summer camps teachers will not need to worry about food, accommodation, transport or even teaching materials. Everything will be provided by Cambridge School of English and you will be assisted with help whenever the need arises. Teachers of English will be asked to conduct classes in a friendly, funny atmosphere, focussing mainly on developing students’ speaking skills, fluency, accuracy, developing vocabulary. The size of the groups is easy to handle – at around 10 – 15 students. Students’ ages vary, so let us know about your preferences as far as teaching children or teenagers is concerned and we will find a summer camp suitable for you.

Location and accommodation

We are constantly looking for new, exciting places in Poland to organize summer camps so that the time spent there is enjoyable and unforgettable for both students and teachers. This summer the camps will be organized in the Masurian Lake District and will take place in the Gwarek holiday resort and on the Baltic coast (in Jastrzębia Góra, in the Diuna holiday resort).

Summer jobs for language teachers - Cooperation with Cambridge School

All English native speakers and teachers of English are welcome to apply and join our team. We offer attractive remunerations, interesting projects, and a truly friendly atmosphere. If you have any questions or would like to come over and say hello, do not hesitate!

Contact us via e-mail: or visit in person at 10 Widok Street (Warsaw city centre).



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