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Study abroad at best universities with our partner - Atlas Academy

– Do you dream of studying abroad, at the best universities?

– Do you want to experience something unique and meet new people?

– Do you want to gain experience and knowledge, which will be a huge profit for your future CV?

Atlas Academy helps high achieving high school students get into the best universities in the US and Europe, including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, SciencesPo and others!

With Atlas Academy, motivated students stand a much better chance of acceptance to Ivy League+ schools:

– Stanford University,
– University of Chicago (UChicago),
– Duke University,
– Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
– Harvard University,
– Northwestern University,
– University of California (UC Berkeley),
– Yale University,
– University of California (UCLA),
– New York University (NYU).

– Affordability.
Top US universities usually function on a need-based aid basis. This means that families making below $70k per year will usually pay nothing, and families making more than that will pay only incrementally larger sums, which will never create a financial burden for the student’s family.

– World-renowned professors and small classrooms.
Studying in small seminar (10-15 students) settings with Nobel prize winners, famous investors, and former heads of state is a life-changing experience, which isn’t possible anywhere else in the world.

– Community.
Studying with the most talented young people from all over the world means enormous personal and academic growth both inside and outside of the classroom. A strong alumni network in turn provides exceptional career opportunities at the most selective companies and beyond.

– Resources and facilities.
Top US schools invest lots of money in research and have some of the greatest laboratories and libraries around the world.

With Atlas Academy, students also get into top universities and English-speaking programs across Europe:

– Oxford,
– Cambridge,
– UCL – London’s Global University,
– ICL – Imperial College London,
– KCL – King’s College London,
– LSE – London School of Economics,
– The University of Edinburgh,
– Bocconi University,
– UvA – University of Virginia,
– TU Delft – Delft University of Technology,
– SciencesPo – Paris Institute of Political Studies,
– École Polytechnique

And many, many more!

– Affordability.
Public universities in continental Europe have much lower tuition fees than those in the US and UK, regardless of the family’s financial circumstances. For instance, most Dutch universities charge around €2,000 per year (for EU students) while also offering scholarships and grants for working

– Higher acceptance rates.
Most top European universities are less selective than their American counterparts, while still maintaining high academic standards.

– Prestige.
The best universities in Europe boast considerable academic excellence and prestige comparable to that of the top universities in the US.

An unparalleled track record of getting European students accepted to schools like Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, and others. Out of 29 applicants who completed our full preparation course, 14 now study at TOP 10 universities globally, and the rest – TOP 50. This is an unparalleled success rate within Europe and even amongst top admissions consultants in the US.

Only the best mentors – students and alumni of the world’s best universities, who have themselves successfully overcome the application process and are now top of their class (top 5%, top 20%) within these prestigious institutions of higher education.

Direct relationships with admissions and financial aid officers. Atlas mentors are able to provide students with unique, tailored advice and replicate the best practices from former applicant cohorts. Using their insights into the financial aid award process, mentors have helped students negotiate better financial aid packages and save, in some instances, up to $36,000, which alone constitutes a great return.

Are you interested in studying abroad? Get in touch with Atlas!



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