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    The seat of the Cambridge School of English is located in the very center of Warsaw, near the Rotunda of PKO. Our school is located in a historic tenement house. Characteristic points are the Puro hotel and the Stara Kamienica and Guru restaurants.

    (English Center courses)

    10/LU1 Widok St.

    Warsaw, 00-023

    Phone: (22) 622-30-19

    Phone: (22) 299 03 23

    Phone: 601 920 293 / 534 322 497


    Cambridge School of English - szkoła językowa w Centrum Warszawa
    ul. Widok 10/LU1, 00-023 Warszawa

    Cambridge School English language courses are held at Harfowa 1A in Warsaw.
    We are located close to Grójecka Street, near Szczęśliwicki Park and the Rakowiec railway station.

    Ul. Harfowa 1A
    02-389 Warsaw
    Phone: 780 093 713 / 698 645 534

    Ul. Harfowa 1A 02-389 Warszawa

    Kursy językowe Warszawa-Śródmieście.

    7 Konwiktorska street, Warsaw

    Enrollment only at the headquarters of the Cambridge School of English ul. View 10/1


    Phone: (22) 622 30 19

    Phone:  (22) 299 03 23

    Phone: 601 920 293 / 534 322 497

    7 Konwiktorska street, Warsaw
    ul. Pocztowa 7a 21-560 Miedzyrzec Podlaski


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