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English language courses for children

Angielski dla dzieci od podstaw online - zajęcia, kurs i nauka języka angielskiego dla dzieci online i z dojazdem do domu​

We offer our youngest learners English courses with two 45 minute lessons per week. Our English course for children consists of 30 teaching hours in a semester, or 60 hours in a school year.

As well as teaching important language skills like listening, speaking or writing, we also think it is important to teach in an involving and entertaining way, which are important elements of each English lesson.

Whether native or non-native English speakers, our teachers have great experience conducting English courses for kids. Some students stay with our school from kindergarten until their high school graduation and have successfully passed various language exams.

We also cooperate with other schools offering complementary English lessons for children.

English for pre-schoolers at Cambridge School of English

How do we teach our youngest students?

  • Safe atmosphere

    We want the child to associate learning a foreign language with a nice and safe atmosphere and have as many opportunities as possible to actively participate in the classes.

  • Creativity

    We conduct creative, dynamic classes with great enthusiasm.

  • Games and fun

    We use educational games, movement activities, and incorporate music and art into teaching.

  • Activity

    We sing, dance, rhyme, listen to stories and fairy tales.

  • Manual work

    We teach using manual work, learning English through activities like painting, moulding clay, drawing with crayons.

  • Memorization

    We use colorful pictures, charts, arrange puzzles, or build with blocks to help students remember vocabulary.

  • Scenes and plays

    We play theater, we awaken the imagination. Our students watch puppet shows, play various scenes and short plays.

  • Developing speaking and listening

    We focus on developing speaking and listening skills.

Cambridge School of English offers the following English lessons for pre-schoolers

Standard English lessons

Individual courses

Weekend English lessons

Teaching methodology

TPR (Total Physical Response)

This method means responding physically or verbally to individual commands. In the early stages of language development, the teacher communicates with students by issuing instructions. The students demonstrate their understanding with their movements and appropriate responses. Simple instructions are repeated until the students remember how they should respond to them. Initially, the student is not required to repeat the instructions. During the learning process, students try to give instructions on their own. Learning English using this method is a lot of fun and means students are more involved in learning.

The Storyline Method

The essence of this method is to present children with a real or fictitious story, where various situations from everyday life are described. The story is at the heart of the method. The action takes place in a group of learners over a few days, while students are the protagonists of the story and play different roles. The main idea is to develop learners’ independence and involvement. One of the biggest benefits of the Storyline Method is the deployment of children’s ingenuity and commitment, which motivates them to learn the language. English courses for children based on this method also help develop teamwork skills.

The Natural Approach

This method uses techniques that mimic how a child learns their native language. The teacher’s task is to create situations where students can listen to the language and understand a given statement. The teacher communicates with children in a foreign language, while supporting their speech with gestures, facial expressions, or body movements. The teacher repeats their words and describes activities in a manner similar to communication in their native language. With this method, children learn English naturally and have the opportunity to be fully immersed in the language.

Why is it worth learning with us?

Qualified and experienced teachers

A tailor-made curriculum that meets the requirements set out in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

We focus on developing practical language skills.

We take an individual approach to each student.

Learning takes place through play, with interesting language games, puzzle songs and thematic projects designed by the students themselves.

We provide modern multimedia materials.

Learning progress is constantly monitored and we prepare individual reports every semester.

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