Exam courses

Our English language school is one of the most experienced and successful in Warsaw in terms of preparation for English Matura, the First Certificate, Advanced and Proficiency examinations.

We have successfully prepared numerous students for their English Matura and Cambridge Examination on specialized English for Matura and exam courses.

Many of our students are working towards UCLES examinations – FCE, CAE and CPE – all of which are taken at the British Council in Warsaw. We are members of the British Council Exams Partnership Programme, Advantage.

General English (i.e. FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS exam preparation courses)
Business English (i.e. BEC, LCCI, TOEFL, SEFIC, ILEC, TOLES)

Szkoła języków obcych Cambridge School of English Warszawa: indywidualne lekcje i kursy językowe, korepetycje, lekcje indywidualne i nauka języka angielskiego dla młodzieży – angielski z dojazdem, kursy dla egzamin gimnazjalne z angielskiego dla młodzieży lub kursy maturalne (Warszawa)