English language course for seniors

It is never too late to learn a foreign language! Consistent work and a friendly group are a guarantee that not only is it possible, but definitely worth learning new languages. Use the potential hidden in your head and get satisfaction and pleasure in your retirement!

Course information for seniors

The English language course for seniors is for people who are curious about the world. In addition to the benefits of acquiring new skills, classes at the Cambridge School of English also give you the opportunity to make new friends.

During language training at our school, students improve their communication skills and learn grammar and vocabulary useful during foreign travel. They play together with the English language, practicing scenes and situations that may happen during a trip abroad.

The Cambridge School of English has prepared a wide range of language courses


Before course starts, we check how advanced the participant’s level of English is;


Groups are small, from 3 to a maximum of 8 people;


Classes last 90 minutes and are held 2 - 3 times a week;


During the course, we focus on improving speaking skills, learning vocabulary and developing language for use in different situations;


During the course we also focus on correct pronunciation and grammatical structures;


The pace of the classes is adapted to the capabilities of the students;


Our teachers are specialists who can transfer knowledge, motivate students and inspire them with passion for learning English. Our teachers have experience in working with people starting their adventure with learning a foreign language after the age of 50.

English for seniors at Cambridge School of English

The modern world presents today’s seniors with new challenges. English is becoming more and more common not only in young people’s work environments, but also in everyday life. It is worth confronting these challenges today and starting to learn English.

Do you have an English-speaking son- or daughter-in-law? An English language course for seniors will help you break down barriers.

More and more often young people go abroad, fall in love and marry, and English becomes a way of communicating in everyday life. During the English language course for seniors you will learn the basics of the language and will be able to establish contact with people who do not speak Polish, perhaps with a son- or daughter-in-law or grandchildren.

About to go on holiday? The English course for seniors will help you travel with confidence

If you have the chance to travel abroad for a vacation or to visit family or friends, why not take this opportunity. The Cambridge School of English courses will help you ask for directions, check in at a hotel, buy tickets, order a taxi, shop, and more. Sign up today and surprise your family and friends!

A nice way to spend your free time and develop your interests.

A nice atmosphere, patient teachers, and interesting topics. All these factors are conducive to learning or remembering a language you haven’t used for a long time. The course is also a great opportunity to meet new people, have an interesting conversation on cultural differences, leave home and take a break from everyday duties. Classes are conducted at convenient hours and in a great location in the center of Warsaw.

Materials tailored to the needs of seniors - English lessons made to measure

The most common leading textbook on courses for seniors is ‘English for Seniors’ from the publisher Edgard (correct?) at the basic or intermediate level. It is a complete course with useful phrases and expressions, the most important grammar topics, and a variety of exercises to consolidate the material. In addition, the course includes tailored recording rates for easier comprehension, a larger font for greater reading freedom, a glossary, clear grammar tables and translation of all dialogues, words and texts.

Who will teach me?

Both Polish and foreign teachers cooperate with the Cambridge School of English. All of them are qualified teaching specialists. They treat each student individually, motivate and promote cooperation.

This manual is enriched with additional authentic materials, such as tickets, crosswords, excerpts from films, songs, and articles.

We cordially invite you to contact us in person (ul. Widok 10, center of Warsaw, behind the Rotunda), by phone (22 622 30 19) or by e-mail (office@cambridge.com.pl).

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