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Learning math online? Try out our e-learning platform Matific and improve your child's learning with our e-learning platform for kids!

Learning math online for kids both at school and at home has never been so easy! Interactive math exercises developed by experts for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 of primary school.

Matific for teachers - find out what benefits our e-learning platform for mathematics will bring to students!

Easily engage students

Develop a love of learning

Our interactive, game-based activities help students and guide them through a journey of learning. Transform your classroom into a vibrant learning community eager to understand the math.

Build student confidence

For students, Matific is a magical experience full of helpful tasks and exciting challenges. Friendly tips are always available to help every student understand each exercise. As they learn with Matific, their eventual fear of math disappears.

Less administration, more teaching

Find the right materials for you

Matific includes over 2,000 interactive exercises individually prepared to your curriculum. Whether you want to explain a concept or improve your students’ skills, we’ll help you.

Plan your school year in minutes

You can easily adapt Matific to your curriculum. Just choose one of our predefined range and sequence options, make a few modifications and get started,

Assigning homework made easier than ever

Allow Matific to assign and check homework for each student in the class. Be careful – students may ask for even more!

In-depth real-time analytics

Track student usage and progress

Matific records everything so you don’t have to! You can easily see how much time your students spend on the platform, see who has completed their work, measure students progress, and much more.

Make tour students easily informed with feedback

Every Matific exercise is an interactive test, and responding the right way has never been easier and more intuitive than now. See which students are struggling and which are top performers, then respond with  assignments with just a few clicks.


Adaptive learning algorithm

Personalized paths

Our innovative algorithm analyzes each student’s performance and offers them a personalized and adaptive experience. Whether students need help, development, motivation, or both, Matific will help them grow in their own way!

Constant revision

Revision is built into our adaptive algorithm, allowing students to review and refresh those skills they have already mastered. With Matific, your students will always be ready for the next step in their learning journey.

From concept to proficiency

Build an in-depth understanding

Each activity has been carefully created, helping students truly learn and have fun doing it. Matific builds students’ confidence from the first login and develops their skills.

Infinite skill practice

Students can repeat our exercises, each time with new questions. Matific offers students endless opportunities to focus on improving their skills.

Instant feedback

Our feedback offers guidance for students to grow and learn independently. When they answer a question incorrectly, our timely interventions encourage them to recognize their mistakes, keep trying, and achieve their learning goals.

Matific for parents - find out what benefits our e-learning platform for mathematics will bring to children!

Improve math results

Matific works!

Matific helps improve test scores by an average of 34% when used 30 minutes a week. Additionaly, 31% more kids want to learn math after playing Matific. Isn’t it amazing?

Your child is learning how to think in a more complex way

With Matific, kids don’t have to blindly memorize math facts. Instead, they gain conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills for mathematical concepts.

A platform developed by experts in the field of education

Our team of experts from Harvard, Berkeley, MIT and Stanford universities will help you understand math. We work hard to make sure Matific is highly effective at teaching new concepts and gaining knowledge.

Your child's personal guardian

Personalized and adaptive learning path

When your child uses Matific, they are never rushed or held back from progress. Matific’s Adventure Island algorithm adapts to his pace and progress.


Matific improves math performance

Does your child have trouble with certain math concepts? The Matific Training Zone focuses on topics your child can improve, helping them master even the most challenging concepts.


Correlation with the curriculum

Matific is aligned with the local curriculum, making sure your child is on the right track of learning. Matific is the perfect learning companion.

We will keep you updated

Track your child’s progress

Our Parent Dashboard keeps you up-to-date on your child’s progress. See how often and for how long your child plays Matific, what topics they learn and what results they achieve.

Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses

Matfic sends regular updates about your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This way you can provide extra support where they are struggling and encourage them to continue developing their strengths.

Stay involved

Matific will help you change the way your child learns. With Matific, you can even assign work to improve specific areas.

Your child will love math!

Make math fun

When it’s time for math, your child will be happy instead of sad or bored! Matific turns math into a fun journey of discovering the new knowledge.

Reduce your fear of math

Matific includes playable exercises that make math exciting and fun. We have also eliminated the checklist approach and instead support and guide students through challenges. We have made the subject enjoyable, which makes children feel at ease and their fear of maths decreases.

All kids can succeed in math with Matific

Identifies and patches learning gaps

If your child is struggling with math, Matific will give you the specialist support they need. Matific identifies and corrects weaknesses to help children progress in math concepts at their own pace.

It challenges and supports advanced students

You’ll never hear your child complaining because they’re bored with Matific. This is because children can work at their own pace and Matific challenges encourage gifted children.

Easy to use for you, fun and learning for your child

Anywhere, anytime

Your child can play Matific on any platform or device. Your child can practice math skills whether you’re waiting for an appointment, stuck in traffic or at home.

Online, offline

Matific can also be played offline in the app, so you don’t have to worry about your internet connection or going over your data plan.

A safe platform for children

Matific is kidSAFE certified. It has no ads and no third party can contact your child through the app.



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